Gaia Cevini

Gaia Cevini

Gaia Cevini is a European Patent Attorney specialized in the Electronic and Telecommunication fields.

She acquired significant technical experience in the field of applied Electromagnetics working as researcher for the University of Pavia, Italy. During her academic activity, she was involved in a number of European research projects relating to sub-surface radars for various types of industrial applications (e.g. transport application)

Next, she worked as designer of integrated optic components for PGT Photonics S.p.A. (former Pirelli Labs Optical Innovation) in Milan, Italy, in the field of optical devices for telecommunication systems. During her activity as designer at PGT, she was designated inventor for a patent application.

She joined Marchi & Partners in 2009, where she is involved in drafting patent applications and handling prosecution before the European Patent Office and many other foreign patent offices, e.g. USPTO, SIPO, JPO, in particular in the fields of telecommunication technologies (WDM, SDH/SONET, Ethernet, access networks such as GSM, UMTS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth) and telecommunication services (e.g. telephony, Internet access, video-on-demand).

She also trained in USA with the law firm Oblon Spivak, Alexandria (VA) in 2013.

Education: University of Pavia, Italy - Graduated cum laude in Electronic
(Telecommunication) Engineering (2000)
University of Pavia, Italy – PhD in Electronics and Computer Science
Admitted: European Patent Attorney (2013)
Languages: Italian, English, French